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Welcome to Solas Ireland

Based in Buncrana on the Inishowen Peninsula, County Donegal, we provide authentic eco-tourism experiences to the North West of Ireland. Inishowen is known as ‘Ireland in miniature’ due to its diverse and varied landscape. It’s wild natural beauty, ancient heritage and rich culture has inspired many, including the Solas Ireland team!

We are a certified eco-tourism provider and was awarded the Green Hospitality ‘Eco-Label’ award in 2012. In keeping with our Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy, tour group sizes are small enough to explore in a sustainable, low-impact manner, allowing you to feel part of the place we call home.

As our eco-tours aim to immerse travellers in the tranquillity and natural beauty of this unique corner of Ireland, many of our tours are ‘off the beaten track’ and include wild places and protected habitats. Therefore, we ask all our guests to follow our Responsible Visitor Charter and to respect our countryside.

Using our local knowledge and expert consultants, we have created a number of unique tours that capture the essence and hidden gems of this unique corner of Ireland.

From the romance of reaching Ireland’s northernmost point to tales of giants; from whooper swans and sperm whales, to the cry of the reclusive corncrake and the smell of the whins on a fine day; from stunning sunsets on a windswept Atlantic beach to Celtic stone circles, ancient crosses and lofty hill forts; from ‘passing a while’ with a friendly ‘local’ to quiet country strolls and seaweed baths; from ‘four seasons in one day’ to warming yourself in front of a turf fire in a cosy pub while listening to the haunting melody of a traditional tune, to the magic of a rainbow after a rain shower…it’s all here, waiting for you!


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